Good music must not bind by regions.
Be ready to have your voice be heard.

Bring you excellent works to JSJ Music, co-operating with local resources and expand the global market.

Direct Deal.

JSJ is connected to digital services worldwide.

Whether on the content set up or marketing, we can provide the best advice in Greater China.

Of Course, we are putting more power to China (Mainland) Market.

Associating with China Mainland.

JSJ is co-operating with over hundreds music and video streaming platforms, social medias and apps in China Mainland. Allowing you music deeply planted into every single corner among 1.3 billion populations.

We are perfectly managing local resources to make most effective promotions.

There is no more ineffective promotions form our online marketing to offline cross-industry alliance.
We flip the traditional way to the next level promotion.

Physical Release

Cross-Industry Alliance

Local Media Support



Income, we got you

Not only improve popularity, but also help you to earn stabilized remuneration.
By having long-term operated platforms,
JSJ is doing effective promotions and deeply formatted with music & video editorial.

We have been served over thousands artists worldwide to promote their music works.

Global EDM, Hundreds labels exclusive cooperation between China, Taiwan, Hong Kong.
Succeed marketing cases with thousands of artists over all medias.

We believe music is priceless.

No upfront fees required by cooperating with JSJ.

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